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Erin Wells

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Muddy Pedals founder, bike shop owner, BICP Level 2 Instructor and PMBIA certified instructor, Erin wants to create an environment where you can be confident enough to feel the freedom of shredding the trails. With over 10 years of mountain bike experience, she has faced all of the fears that come with starting the journey and adventure of mountain biking.

Having ridden all over the U.S. and some in Canada, Erin has experienced some of the top rated trails, drank at the local breweries, eaten at the foodie joints and enjoyed all aspects of those mountain biking towns.

Kate Nolan

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Kate is the cofounder of DNK Presents, Trek Women’s Advocate and Professional Guide. Getting outside has always been a passion of mine and I love sharing that with others. I believe we need a connection to nature in order to live a happy, healthy and balanced lives. I grew up camping, backpacking, skiing, trail running and racing BMX and mountain bikes. I believe my bond with nature has helped me to excel in my professional career, to overcome obstacles personally and professionally and the spiritual gain has been profound.

Danielle Wolter Nolan

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Growing up in the country, being outdoors was always second nature to me. Living in this fast paced digital age we live in today I realized that there was a need for more people to unplug from technology and reconnect with themselves in nature. This was one of the many reasons why Kate and I founded DNK Presents. Together we have organized and guided hundreds of people on adventure in and outside of Indiana. I am blessed to share my passion for the great outdoors while helping individuals and groups build confidence and empowerment through adventure experiences.

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